GuliKit ROUTE+ PRO Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Nintendo Switch


Product Description

USB C Wireless Bluetooth Audio, aptX Low Latency, In-game Voice Chat
First Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter for Nintendo Switch 
Wireless CSR Bluetooth high quality audio transmission for high-fidelity stereo sound. Never be bound again to wire, a perfect solution to enable non-Bluetooth Switch connected to BlueTooth receivers like Earphones,headphones and Speakers.

aptX Low Latency, Real-time Audio Sync
With tranditional 3.5mm AUX jack Audio Bluetooth adapter, you may experience the problem sometimes where original audio is not in sync with video and low quality sound. GuliKit ROUTE+ adopts aptX LL codec to eliminate that annoying lag you may get and ensure smooth transmission with impeccable sound quality for excellent game feel either on Nintendo Switch handheld mode or TV Dock mode.

Support In-Game Voice Chat
Plug the mini microphone to 3.5mm Aux jack on Switch and use it with Route+ to realize in-game voice chat function,and enjoy playing Fordnite.

U-type adapter for more protection and space saving.
Place Route+ on the back of Switch via the additional U type adapter for better protection and more space saving.

Wirelessly Transmit Audio Anywhere, Anytime
Benefit from wireless Bluetooth audio for good game experience with no external noise to you or with no disturbings to others in public or to your loved ones at night at home.

No battery needed but always on,Use Switch built-in driver and no bricking Problem
Always on when plug to Switch USB Type-C port directly,or plug to Switch dock USB A port for home mode through a cable adapter. No battery needed forever.It draws very little power less than 1% of Nintendo Switch battery. Use Switch built-in driver and no bricking Problem.

Support USB PD passthrough charging to Switch with no overheating
Built-in smart USB PD passthrough charging technology.Continuously wireless audio streaming even with passthrough charging to Switch and no overheating.

Super Compact & Light Weight,Plug and Play
Extremly Small size and lightweight for portable use,use Switch self-contained  driver and no extra driver needed. Plug and Play.

Also compatible to Switch with protective case.
Fast Pair,10meters barrier-free transmission                                         
Fast pair and automatically re-pair with the last paired device.10meters barrier-free transmission without any loss by advanced ceramic antenna. 

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