Hori Animal Crossing Shoulder Pouch for Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite



Product Description

- One-shoulder type that can be opened and closed at hand while hanging on the shoulder.
- It is a pop and cute design with various icons appearing in Animal Crossing printed.
- The front pocket zipper comes with a leaf charm that is designed as a “Gathering Animal Crossing”.
- You can carry the Nintendo Switch body or Nintendo Switch Lite body. (Can be stored one at a time.)
- Both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite can be stored with our cover.
- In addition to the main unit, small items such as a mobile battery can be stored.
- It is an officially licensed product that has been confirmed for compatibility with Nintendo products and material safety.

This product is a bag that can store Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. When the Nintendo Switch body and the Nintendo Switch Lite body are stored at the same time, some peripheral devices cannot be stored. Some specifications are different from already released product "whole storage bag for Nintendo Switch".

Size(width x height x depth): about 130mm x about 240mm x about 60mm
Weight: about 200g
Compatible models: Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite

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