If your console is still under local warranty, please go to Sony. If your console is under store warranty, please send us a video or images supporting the issue via https://qisahn.com/contact_us and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an update to repair your console.

For general repairs, please send in your console or accessory to our shop located at https://qisahn.com/locate_us
If your console can’t be repaired 

PlayStation 4 - Disc Drive Repair - S$160

If your console cannot eject, insert or read the disc, it is considered a disc drive issue.

PlayStation 4 - Power Supply Repair - S$200

If you are unable to turn it on, it may be a power supply issue.

Success Rate: ~60%

PlayStation 4 - Motherboard Repair - S$230

Blue Light Of Death, System Update Loop, Unable to start up would mean motherboard issues.
For motherboard repairs, please assume that saved data will be wiped and reformatted.
Repairs for motherboard will be around between 2-3months.

Success Rate: ~70%

*All prices shown are only estimated prices. The final price for repair will be finalized upon inspection by our store staff or our technician.
*Replacement parts used are original but parts are subject to stock availability. If original parts are not available, third party parts are used instead.