For motherboard replacement, repair time will take 1-2 months as the repair failure rate is very high.  Drop us an e-mail and let us know what is the problem so we can help you out.

PSVita - Analog Stick - S$50

Analog stick repairs will be fixed on the spot (30 minutes). If your console cannot boot properly after being switched on, it is likely a motherboard issue.

PSVita - Motherboard - S$150

For motherboard repairs, please assume that saved data will be wiped.

Succes Rate: ~30%

PSVita - LCD - S$150

PSVita - Others - S$75

If your console has no sound, buttons are unresponsive, unable to charge, then they are included in others category.

*All prices shown are only estimated prices. The final price for repair will be finalized upon inspection by our store staff or our technician.
*Replacement parts used are original but parts are subject to stock availability. If original parts are not available, third party parts are used instead.