8 Bit Armies



Product Description

The limited edition consists of the following items:

  •   Base game - The epic 8-Bit Armies base game
  •   Soundtrack - Rocking tunes from legendary composer Frank Klepacki
  •   Manual - Everything you always wanted to know about 8-Bit Armies but were afraid to ask
  •   Skull Bandana - Exclusive headwear with a skull print, based on one of the 8-Bit units
  •   Flag - To play a real life round of capture the flag
  •   3 Precious Pins in 8-Bit style, showing three different units
  •   Patch that can be applied to any outfit
  •   12 Postage Stamps featuring the iconic characters from the game
  •   Papercraft Tank - Brush up your DIY skills and create your own tank
  •   Dogtag Premium metal tag to wear around your neck

Product Details:

  • Play with easy to understand military units and structures
  • Obliterate your enemies in a variety of colorful, destructible maps
  • Complete 40 single-player missions and 12 co-op missions
  • Compete in online multiplayer with up to five other players or AIs
  • Enjoy easy controls that are perfectly adapted to consoles
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