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Rediscover a failed lunar colony to save humanity in Deliver Us The Moon for Nintendo Switch. As the Earth's last astronaut, you're accompanied by an ASE drone and equipped with an Astrotool to carry out a do-or-die mission at the WSA space station. Ride a rocket and explore space by foot and with various space vehicles for a dynamic adventure in Deliver Us The Moon.
The narrative of the game focuses on topical issues, such as climate change and the depletion of the world's natural resources
Customize your playing style - play in first- and third-person modes
Feel like an astronaut - launch a rocket from Earth, journey through the WSA space station, and explore the open-world lunar landscape with weightless freedom - by foot, rover, or monorail
Use your Astrotool to uncover the history of the lunar colony
You can use the great technology mankind has to offer, including new-age space suits, cutting lasers, rockets, and robot arms
Try to survive with oxygen tanks in infinite space
Overcome obstacles and dangers blocking your path, and uncover the secrets of the past by using various tools and all of your wits to solve intricate puzzles
Deliver Us The Moon features an amazing awe-inspiring soundtrack
Language: English, Simplified / Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean
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