Disney's A Christmas Carol



Product Description

Product InformationThis is a puzzle-adventure game of the the feature-length movie Disney's AChristmas Carol.Inspired by the Dickens tale re-imagined by Robert Zemeckis Disney's AChristmas Carol is an innovative puzzle-adventure game celebrating the spirit ofthe holidays with a Scrooge twist.Product Features Manipulate Scrooge's environments to guide him on his supernatural adventure Blow and shout into the microphone and use the DS stylus to pull shake drag rattle and tap Scrooge's world and influence game play Experience immersive animated cutscenes that unfold like an interactive story book with amazing beauty and detail Interact with your favorite characters from the film including Bob Cratchit Tiny Tim Mr Fezziwig Marley and the three spirits of Christmas Use the real-time advent calendar to unlock surprises for everyday that you play leading up to Christmas Sing carols decorate with holiday ornaments and cook recipes from the Victorian era Master over 10 single-player mini-games plus join a friend for a "pass the DS" multiplayer game