Heavenly Bodies



Product Description

Heavenly Bodies is a game about cosmonauts; the body; and the absence of gravity.

Discover the ever-changing nuances of weightless motion in space and wrangle the hands and arms of space cosmonauts. Push, pull and twist your way through a precarious range of physically-simulated stellar scenarios where, without gravity, nothing is simple.

On a good day, the beauty of weightlessness will shine through. You'll use your sharp mind and dexterous limbs to assemble space telescopes, maintain delicate solar arrays and research cosmic botany. On a bad day, the power is out, you're in the firing line of supersonic space debris and... there's a breadstick stuck in the emergency backup generator.

  • Single and Multiplayer! You'll be able to play missions either solo or with a space friend.
  • Awkwardly traverse your way through a highly sophisticated space station.
  • Use any tool at arms reach to solve a variety of weightless problems.
  • Control incredibly expensive space vehicles and machinery.
  • Stylised 70's visual space aesthetic




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