Hello Neighbor 2

Product Description

Hello Neighbor 2 - Back to School DLC
• Long forgotten rumors of children going missing at the abandoned schoolhouse have begun to resurface, but the only one still there is the cranky old caretaker and his mean watch dogs!

He must be hiding something, and it's up to you to investigate. But be careful breaking into the school won’t be easy and the caretaker doesn’t like trespassers!

Hello Neighbor 2 - Late Fees DLC
• Have you heard the rumors about the Raven Brooks Library? They say the Librarian there won’t let anyone into the restricted section. Could one of the books there hold the answers to any of the town's bizarre mysteries?

Hello Neighbor 2 - Hello-copter DLC
• Explore Raven Brooks in a whole new way - from the sky! Take flight with the Hello-copter, a remote-controlled flying drone equipped with a camera and grappling hook; discover new solutions to old puzzles and experience previously unreachable heights!

Hello Neighbor 2 is the sequel to the popular stealth horror game about sneaking into your creepy neighbor's house. You play as a local journalist investigating missing person reports when you follow a series of clues leading you back to the abandoned house of The Neighbor.

The only problem is that it's occupied by a mysterious crow-like being. The only logical thing to do is break in. Welcome back to Raven Brooks.

  • Scout the open world - Explore the Raven Brooks, where there are no limitations and players can go anywhere. Some AI protect their houses when player is trying to break in to get the scoop, while others stalk the player when out in the open world
  • Enjoy a sandbox experience - Players should find creative solutions to solve the puzzles by combining different items, terrain features and platforming skills
  • Meet the new Neighbors - What secrets could The Baker be hiding in those croissants? Is there something shady about the Taxidermist? And what is The Mayor up to that would warrant getting an attack dog to keep safe
  • Outsmart the AIs - Each new Neighbor is now designed with unique AI and behaviors, you’ll need to stretch your skills to the limits and find a way to outsmart each of them!

Publisher: Gearbox Publishing
Release Date: 27 March 2023
Genre: First-Person Stealth Horror, Psychological Thriller
Voice: English Subtitles: English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified & Traditional Chinese
​*Pre-order Bonus for Deluxe Edition includes: A voucher for the Deluxe Edition Content Pack which will include 3 DLCs & 1 of the 5 Pin Models



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