Just Cause 4


Product Description

The main hero is Rico Rodriguez, who returns for his fourth outing too. 

The game features massive destruction, and over the top action. We've already seen a jetpack (which is literally a rocket strapped to Rico's back), hovercraft, jets, trucks, various guns, the trademark parachute and... loads more. Perhaps the most interesting thing is that Rico rides a truck into a tornado (yes, a massive, natural disaster-causing tornado) and uses it to propel himself through the air. It's an outrageous stunt and... we can't wait to do it in the game.

You're fighting The Black Hand again, but this time you're in their world, so they have home advantage. We've seen troops with thick armor, ones who can deploy a personal shield/heavy machine gun combo, and stealth enemies who can turn (almost) invisible.. Should keep Rico well on his toes.

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