Logitech For Creators - Blue Yeti X Professional USB Microphone



Product Description

This Blue Yeti X Microphone is designed for podcasting streaming and broadcasting capabilities, allowing you to capture audio with clarity. It has a four-capsule condenser with cardioid, omni and bidirectional capabilities to suit the style you want. It comes with an array of broadcast effects like vintage radio and warm and vintage for your own unique sound.


  • It has a smart knob for increasing the gain, metering, volume level and blend of your audio capturing.
  • It has a customisable LED light for monitoring peaks in your recording.
  • It has cardioid, omni, biredectional and stereo pick up patterns for a variety of audio styles.
  • Simply plug it in to begin use on Mac and PC.
  • It has built in Logitech G HU integration for detailed microphone settings and customisation.

It's designed for broadcasts, streaming and podcasting.