Moving Out



Product Description

Language: English / Text - English, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean

The art style and gameplay mechanics for Moving Out will immediately make you think of Overcooked!  Overcooked has been a massive global success story, and continues to attract new gamers to the franchise with ongoing coverage on all social media channels, so we expect Moving Out to gain loads of interest from the huge global Overcooked fan base.

Game Story: 

  • Moving Out is a physics-based moving simulator that brings a whole new meaning to “couch co-op.” Solo or with friends, you must tackle the perils of moving furniture in a series of increasingly absurd situations.
  • As a newly certified Furniture Arrangement & Relocation Technician, you’ll take on moving jobs all across the busy town of Packmore.
  • Smooth Moves may not be the biggest moving company, but there’s no task too dangerous or strange for this team of go-getters.
  • Grow your business to brave new heights, recruit colourful customisable characters, and uncover the dark secrets behind the seemingly peaceful Packmore.
  • Co-op! Enjoy the game solo as an independent contractor or team up with business partners. Up to four players can cosy up on the couch together and argue over the best way to pivot a twin bed through a haunted house!
  • Problem solving! How a futon gets from point A to point B is never a straight line. It’s entirely up to the players to plan routes through complex hallways, elevators, windows, moving platforms, buzz saws, and more. So toss the training manual out the window and get creative!
  • Physics! Bounce around homes, toss tables down the stairs, blast boxes across the room, anything to load up your truck in record time! 
  • Themes! Every moving company starts small, but as your reputation ranks up, so do your destinations. Go on a moving journey through peaceful suburbs, magnificent mansions, idyllic farms, haunted houses, perilous factories, virtual reality, and lands beyond! 


  • Play solo or local multiplayer with up to four players
  • Use and abuse the laws of physics to get that furniture where it needs to go
  • 50+ levels—learn the basics in moving scenarios before venturing off into strange new lands
  • Test your physical and mental skills in a series of puzzling moving scenarios involving traps, levers, moving platforms, fire, and guava juice
  • Action-packed levels will see you traversing shark-infested waters, dodging traffic, and avoiding boulders—all in the name of customer satisfaction
  • Recruit a unique cast of colourful customizable characters
  • Play through the comedic story and uncover the dark mysteries lurking in your small town during the early 80s

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