Okami HD



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Once upon a time. It is a time of myth that people still lived peacefully coexisting with nature. People lived peacefully in the country "Nakatsukuni" surrounded by nature. But one night, suddenly a terrible disaster struck. The seal of the great yokai "Yamata no Orochi" which was exterminated by ancient times is broken, and the world is trapped in the darkness by the curse. The spirit "Sakuya" who lives in Kamiki recalls "Ogami · Amaterasu" who won the battle in the fight against "Yamata no Orochi" long ago to save "Nakatsukuni" but lost its substance, to the present world by the ceremony of resurrection It is. "Amaterasu" recalled to Sakuya started a journey to shake away disaster with some poor witty painter "Issin" to save all lives.

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