One Piece Pirate Warriors 3



Product Description

* This Deluxe Edition includes Costumes, Challenge Episodes, and more than 40 Downloadable Contents

Play and cry with ONE PIECE like never before!

  • From the start of Luffy’s adventure to the Punk Hazard arc, relive the adventures with a stalk of straw! What’s more, enjoy the story unfolding before your eyes in the Dressrosa arc.
  • Not forgetting the familiar simple controls of the 「PIRATE WARRIORS」 and refreshing action of defeating countless enemies!
  • The greatest compilation ever with popular characters joining the battles! The various people that spice up Luffy’s adventures are available as playable characters.
  • Enjoy 2-player co-op on a single Nintendo Switch™ with two sets of Joy-Con™(L)/(R) or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (sold separately). Work together to break through the ever-changing battlefield in real time!
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