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For 1000 years, the BAÄA family has reigned as despots on planet Shinorubi. This planet is the source of the "R-R" substance which offers infinite power and exceptional longevity to its owners. For 150 years, the king of Shinorubi, R.LOYD III, and his 6 sons have gone to war across space against the TRADDESS and ZOOGT empires, leaving his cruel daughter Nemesis and 5 generals to guard the planet. A unique alliance of 8 experienced mercenaries will attempt to put an end to the dictatorship of the BAÄA family and its hold on the "R-R" compound by taking advantage of a singularity of the planet Shinorubi which takes place once every thousand years. The endless night is coming on Kaddin, the capital of Shinorubi, as spaceships are approaching.

  • SCORING SYSTEM - The scoring system is based on several parameters that provide you with point multipliers. Survive the barrage of enemy fire, destroy your enemies and collect stars and medals. All this while using your bombs as little as possible
  • FEVER - When your FEVER charge bar is full, it automatically triggers to cancel enemy shots on screen and improve your points. The side effects are boosted weaponry and improved bonus stars when you destroy your enemies
  • GAME MODES - SHINORUBI offers a Classic Mode, a Boss Rush Mode and already 6 ARRANGE Modes (3 more will be added during the EA). Gamers can either chose to complete all 6 levels (5 difficulty levels) in the Classic Mode, face only bosses in the Boss Rush Mode (3 difficulty levels), or either try one of the 6 Arrange Modes
  • ARRANGE MODES - Same game levels as the classic mode but with different rules. You may opt for the SHIELD, CANCEL, LASER, JOURNEY, PINK PIG or the SUPER RANK Mode!
  • PILOTS - Select a pilot and his spaceship with unique weapons and characteristics among the 3 already available. 8 in the Final Version
  • CONTROLS - You can play SHINORUBI using a keyboard, a joystick, or an arcade controller and customize all the action buttons
  • DISPLAY - The display options offer you a resolution of up to 4K. The game is optimized to run between 60 and 120 fps
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