Sorcery Saga Curse of the Great Curry God


Product Description

What a day. After acing her final exam, Pupuru earned the right to fight her way through her school's Magic Tower and claim the magic orb hidden within. However, instead of finding a round magic-thingy, she encounters a strange creature she names Kuu. After a series of misunderstandings, Pupuru finds herself suspended from school, and barred from attending her graduation ceremony. Now with too much free time on her hands, she is drawn into a dispute between her friend’s curry restaurant and the big, bad curry chain that just entered town. While coming up with a hare-brained scheme to save her beloved Smile Curry she encounters a young girl named Puni, an enigmatic young woman with the ability to read the curry auras of those chosen by the Great Curry God. Along with Kuu, Pupuru begin her quest to save her friend’s restaurant by searching for the ultimate ingredients to make the "Legendary Magic Curry," a curry like no other! Maybe...

A challenging rogue-like RPG with a wacky, absolutely delectable storyline, Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God sets players off as the hardworking student Pupuru on a curry-licious adventure! Enter dungeons and battle wacky creatures. Obtain items to make the most delectable curry imaginable and save her friend's curry restaurant from going under!

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Sony PS Vita
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Sony PS Vita
Sony PS Vita
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