Vostok Inc.



Product Description

Vostok Inc. is an action-packed twin-stick shooter combined with irresistibly addictive accumulative gameplay.

First, you’ll need to raise some start-up capital by twin-stick blasting enemies, asteroids and anything else that gets in your way; then embrace your new-found quest for moolah as you colonize, explore and exploit over 40 planets across 6 unique solar systems. Harvest planetary resources and rescue executives to multiply your profit margin, while you stay blissfully entertained with a whole host of captivating retro mini-games that will keep you coming back for more.

Battle your way through each new solar system, take down evil bosses, enjoy a thumping customizable synth soundtrack, then kick back, relax and let the moolah roll in to make you filthy, stinking, rich!

  • Explore and exploit more than 40 planets over 6 solar systems
  • Capaltise on all the resources that Pluto holds - Exclusively a planet on Nintendo Switch
  • Land on any planet to begin extracting resources
  • Craft and upgrade an arsenal of 40+ diverse weapons and ship augmentations
  • Collect loot from fallen enemies, bosses or environmental hazards
  • Find and recruit managers, consultants, and executives scattered throughout the galaxy, and keep them happy to boost planetside production
  • Play 13 minigames to unlock massive ship and weapon upgrades
  • Enjoy an adaptive audio system, with music that constantly evolves as you play
  • Use the same save game across a variety of devices.
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